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    02. 573. 5049


    서울시 강남구 언주로 615(강남 YMCA) 3층 301호

    Seoul Gang-nam-gu Eonju-ro 615 (Gang-nam YMCA) #301

    Meet Our Staff

    Our staff would love to get in touch with you or serve you whatever way we are able too!

    • AHN JONGBIN (PASTOR) --- 안종빈 목사님

      Pastor Ahn was born in Korea to a Christian family and earned his Bachelor’s in Life Genetic Engineering. He is a young pastor, graduated from Handing Theological Seminary, with a mission to be a true genuine pastor, and is serving the Youth and Education department at All Love Church. He takes great interest in the concept of “transmission”. It is his mission to transmit, or pass down, true values to another person and to the next generation.


      Bonhyung Koo has very skillful hands that he utilizes for handbags, small accessories, furnitures and especially pizza. He majored in Naval architecture and marine engineering at University of Michigan and has a beautiful wife and three sons. He loves to travel and enjoy all kinds of new food without hesitation.

    • CHRIS CHO --- MEDIA || 미디어

      Chris is from Portland, Oregon. He likes to dance and play music with others. He enjoys traveling, eating and meeting people from all different backgrounds.Chris is passionate about discipling the next generation and equipping them to impact their communities. His vision is to see the nations transformed for God.

    • CHRIS JUNI KIM --- CONTENT || 콘텐트

      Chris is a die-hard Lakers fan, basketball historian & ardent Kobe apologist. His love of the game comes second only to his love of seeing lives transformed by God! A distant second!


      Drew hails from the country of the USA but grew up in Colombia as a missionary kid. His goal in life is to know God and make Him Known. His passions include preaching, teaching, traveling, and making puns. He enjoys watching movies, eating delicious (cheap) food, and spending time with friends.

    • SANG-HEE SHIM --- Communications Director || 통신 이사

      Sang-Hee was born in Korea and has been living in the UK since she was four. Ezemiah was the turning point for her to embark on her new journey to see His unique image and likeness in her – to transform her from a timid and emotionless person to a bold and empathetic child of God. Sang-Hee loves to worship, dance, do calligraphy and to have a DMC over some good food!


      Joanna hails from Maryland and she studied classical voice at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore. She loves to sing with her son and dog, Hadi, who she has had for the past 11 years. As Johann Sebastian Bach once said, “Music, is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul,” Joanna is forever grateful to God for giving her the gift of music to express, touch lives and glorify Him.


      Born in Korea but raised in Indonesia, Joy is a missionary kid who and is currently majoring in elementary education in Oklahoma.Her passions include taking care of people, cooking, dancing, singing and spreading laughter and joy to many.

    • UNICE HAN --- CONTENT || 콘텐트

      Unice was born in Los Angeles, and now resides in Portland. She wants to go to many places, experience various cultures (foooood), and maybe raise a big family of her own.! She is very curious and expectant towards her future. She is learning how to receive in faith all that which Jesus has purchased for her.

    • SUSAN LEE --- DIRECTOR || 감독

      Susan is an avid collector of all things tea, cheese, and dark chocolate. She likes to travel especially to the Middle East for these things, where she can visit friends from her two-year stay there while working with Intervarsity. She studied Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard College, theology at Gordon-Conwell, and is now studying Islam at the University of Chicago.

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